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Example - Integrating the Geosprawl Locator Module with Data Springs Dynamic Forms Module

Geosprawl works "out of the box" as a great store locator and dealer locator. Using our Administrative Console you can add/modify all of your locations or even use our data import to mass-update the database. However, there are times when you might want an end-user or a user who is visiting your web site to be able to register some information themselves and then automatically have the ability for somebody to be able to search and find this information. If this is the case, check out our below integration!

Enter some information in the boxes below and click the SAVE LOCATION button.  Make sure to enter a valid address so that you can perform a search for the location in the RO Locator at the bottom of the page. 

Data Springs - Dynamic Forms Module

The Dynamic Forms and Geosprawl Locator Modules integration could work for: churches, social networks, franchises, member directories or just about any other type of organization.


How it works!

Geosprawl has teamed up with Data Springs in an effort to integrate the Dynamic Forms and Geosprawl Locator modules. Utilizing these modules together allows your users to save form data and later display the information on a map. When the user submits the form data the Data Springs Forms Module, through the process of a custom SQL statement or HTTP Post, inserts and geocodes the data into the Geosprawl locator module. Step-by-step instructions are available demonstrating how to integrate the two modules. Both modules are available on snowcovered.

Integration Diagram Dynamic Forms Module and Geosprawl Locator Module

RO Locator
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