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Geosprawl Store & Dealer Locator Software

Free Store Locator

How the free store locatore software works

Our process is simple and an amateur can have it up and running in less than 30 minutes.  Geosprawl has a free store locator option that will direct your customers to one of your nearby business locations through a unique zip code locator system. 

The Process... Free Store Locator Software

Customers come to your current website. When the customer is ready to find your closest business location, they click on a link that sits on your website.  The link brings them to your private store and business locator portal on  The navigation can be customized to be completely seamless so your customers don't even know they've been redirected.  Or, you can even use an IFrame on your existing site so that your Geosprawl Free Store Locator Portal runs within the confines of your business website.  Then, on your Geosprawl portal, the customer simply types in their zip code or city/state combination, and in a matter of seconds, all your store locations are displayed by order of proximity. Our address locator is a unique mapping tool that will help your customers find one of your closest business locations.


How the GeoSprawl Free Zip Code Locator Works

Test a Fully function version of the GeoSprawl Zip Code Locator Software

The steps to have it setup are simple.

1.  Signup for your free private store locator portal on Geosprawl.

2.  Login to your new portal using your unique username and password.

3.  Enter your business and/or store locations into the system. 

4.  Customize your portal with graphics, etc... through our online html editor (no additional web page authoring tools are needed to complete this step). You can even specify what information you want displayed in the search results as well as define radius filter criteria (so only particular business locations will show up in the results).

5.  Paste a link to your portal on your existing website (or use an IFrame link).


Your free store locator script is ready for action! Keep the free version as long as you like, however, after 30 days of use, advertisements are displayed. You'll be able to login to your portal at anytime to update your store and or business locations!

Geosprawl offers a variety of pricing plans if you ever choose to upgrade from the free dealer locator version. Click here to view our pricing plan comparisons and the features available in each one.

Want more information about mapping software, address locators, and mapping services? Click here

Ready to sign up for the FREE version? Click here

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