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Demo the Geosprawl Dotnetnuke Store Locator Modules

Lite Version DNN Store Locator Module

Store Locator Lite

Full Version Demo here >>

Lite Version Demo here >>

To test the admin features or add locations, you must login as the demo user.



Integration Options with Registration and Form Builder Modules

We offer two options for integrating the ROLocator module with various Registration and/or Form Builder modules that are available in the marketplace.  As long as the module that you're using supports creating/running a sql statement or performing an HTTP Post after submission, then use one of our two methods of integration:

  1. Direct SQL Statement into our table and utilize our DNN Scheduler event to geo-code the newly inserted data based on a scheduled amount of time (every 30 seconds, every 1 minute, etc...). This will scan the ROLocator database table for any invalid geo-data (latitude and longitude missing), and lookup and store the coordinates with the data.
  2. Or, use our HTTP Post class to insert the form data into our system and have it be geo-coded immediately and therefore will show up in the search results in real-time without any delay.

Locator Module Integrated with Data Springs Dynamic Forms

Geosprawl has teamed up with Data Springs in an effort to integrate the Dynamic Forms and Geosprawl Locator modules. Utilizing these modules together allows your users to save form data and later display the information on a map. Check out our demo to see how these two modules interacting together can work for you.

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