Fully Functional Demo
Our fully functional demo site allows you to see our business locator software/dealer locator software in action! You can add up to 5 business locations to this demo site and get a preview of how your customers can view your store locator portal.

Online Demo and Preview Site

Please note that any changes you make can possibly be overwritten by other users. Also, if other users have "test" locations already populated in this site, just click on the Delete link to clear out their data so that you can add your own.

Click Here to Test Our Custom Zip Code Locator Search Screen Demo Site

Store Locator Demo Search Site
View the Test Site's Search Page:
(this is how your customers will see your dealer locator system)

Click Here to Enter the Zip Code Dealer Locator Administrative Site. User Name: test and Password: test123

GeoSprawl Administration Diagram. Edit your zip code locator design, add or edit business listings. View your account details.
Login to the Test Site's Administrative Zone:
(this is where you define your business locations and set search options)

Login Credentials:
User Name: test
Password: test123