How it Works!
Our process is simple and an amateur can have it up and running in less than 30 minutes. Geosprawl is store locator web software directing customers to one of your locations through a unique zip code locator system.

How our Dealer Locator Software works

The Process...

Customers come to your website and enter their location in a customizable search box. Then immediately the search results display all of the relevant location data within an HTML5 Embed tag on your site. Our address locator is a unique mapping tool that will help your customers find one of your closest business locations.

Test a Fully function version of the GeoSprawl Zip Code Locator Software

The steps to have it setup are simple.

  1. Signup for your private store locator portal on Geosprawl and login.

  2. Enter all of your business and/or store locations into the system (or import your data from Excel).

  3. Save your search preferences and options in your administrative panel and then Embed your locator in your web site using our HTML5 Embed tags using the template we provide.


You'll be able to login to your portal at anytime to update your search options and locations! Ready to sign up? Click here