Test Drive Our Embed Code
Check out how easy it is to embed Geosprawl in your web site. Even a novice can embed our product in their site and have it up and running in minutes!
Embed Search Page Example 
Embed Search Page Example

Embed our Mini-Demo in your website to see how easy it is to integrate the Geosprawl locator within minutes!

Follow the below instructions to have our mini-demo running in your company website.  Then, once you signup for an actual Geosprawl plan, you'll be able to set your search options by logging into your Geosprawl account and replace the mini-demo with your actual Geosprawl plan.  Then when you perform a search on your company website, you'll see your own locations displayed in the search results and on the map!
Step 1 - Create a search box on your company website:
Copy/paste the contents of the below text box inside the <BODY> tags on the page on your website wherein you'd like to have your Search Box.Or you can create a new page on your site. You will be able to style this as necessary later or even remove certain search criteria that you may decide you don't need to ask your user. For now, just create this search box on a page on your site that is at the top-level and not nested in a sub-directory.
Step 2 - Create a New Search Results Page on your company website and embed your Geosprawl Locator:
Create an empty page at the top-level of your site called SearchResults.html (you can change the name or location of it later). This page should be in the same folder/directory as the search page you just created in Step 1.Then, copy/paste the contents of the below text box into this page.  This page will hold the Search Results content and will accept querystring parameters passed to it by the search box that you previously created. You can adjust the settings on this embed tag and apply style as necessary.