With the latest 5.0 version, Geosprawl is fully responsive across all modern browsers.

Version 5.0 Released

Some of the new enhancements introduced with version 5.0 of the Geosprawl Locator are as follows. All current Geosprawl subscribers gain this new functionality automatically and they can be turned on under your portal's Search Options tab any time you like...

  • Geosprawl Locator Export Export the location entries in your Geosprawl database into CSV format, revise or make changes as necessary using MS Excel, then re-import your new data using the Data Import utility which can be found by logging into your portal.
  • Auto-Lookup Functionality The new auto-lookup functionality automatically geocodes and finds the location of where your "searcher" is located based on the lookup of their IP Address. This means you can bring your searcher directly to your search results page and they can view the locations nearest to them without the need for entering any search criteria such as their Zip/City/State, etc....
  • Ease of Use Embed Code with the latest embed template, it's much faster to get Geosprawl embedded within your web site. There are just two sections to copy/paste into your company website in order to create your search box and your search results page. Have Geosprawl up and running in minutes!.
  • Fully Responsive DesignGeosprawl now works better on mobile devices and smaller devices such as tables/iPads. Our fully responsive design means your customers can find your locations even easier!